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Workplace Benefits (video)

Workplace Benefits, also known as supplemental insurance, fills the void of significant gaps commonly left by traditional insurance policies. The supplemental insurance provides extra money to help pay out-of-pocket expenses. These policies work well when paired with health insurance or car insurance policies.

Anyone with medical coverage should consider one of these supplemental policies. People on Medicare can benefit as well, for cases where Medicare doesn’t provide the proper coverage.

These policies become active when your normal insurance has run its course. They pay the remaining expenses for which you are responsible. The supplemental policy company will get notification from your regular insurance company when your benefits have been exhausted.

When you purchase one of these policies, make sure it is compatible with your current insurance. The policy should help pay for medical bills or other insurance payments not covered by your normal policies. One of our experienced agents can help you find a policy to fit your needs.

The major benefit of this policy is that it keeps you from having to pay high out-of-pocket costs. With good coverage, you might not have to make any additional payments yourself.