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Boat Insurance

Boats are significant assets, and insuring them properly is important. Things to consider when purchasing your boat insurance include:

  1. Make sure you purchase enough liability insurance to adequately protect you. Companies that allow you to ‘choose your price’ simply mean that you are picking substandard coverage.
  2. Ask about coverage for your optional and custom equipment. If you have fishing gear or other equipment, ask how that will be covered in the case of a loss.
  3. Boat policies provide actual cash value coverage. Because the value of boats changes so frequently, it’s important to review your policy annually to update the insurance. You don’t want to pay insurance for an amount you will never receive.
  4. Your boat trailer is not usually covered automatically. Be sure to let your agent know how much your trailer is worth.

We recommend the following limits and your quote will include these:

  • 300,000 liability
  • $1000 medical payments
  • $250 deductible
  • Trailer
  • $250 deductible