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Street Safe

Saving the lives of young drivers is what StreetSafe is all about.

The StreetSafe Lifesaving Driving Experience is a not-for-profit program. Our mission is to teach young, inexperienced drivers - our most at-risk youth - to become safer and more responsible on the road by offering hands-on driving exercises, discussion sessions, and promoting parental involvement, with the goal of reducing the incidence of injuries and death in young drivers due to, far too many, motor vehicle crashes.

The StreetSafe experience is an innovative combination of hands-on driving exercises, interactive discussions, and parental inclusion that has proven to change the behavior of young drivers while offering their parents the tools they need to help keep their children safe behind the wheel. Under the direct supervision of our highly trained instructors, students will get to experience losing control of a car, how to maintain a realistic stopping distance, the dangers of drinking and driving, and understanding the hazards of texting and driving and other distractions, while also emphasizing the importance of wearing a seatbelt and making good decisions. Students are taught by law enforcement and fire personnel - the First Responders who are all too familiar with the tragic results of unsafe driving. Local judges help parents understand the importance of their role and the very serious risks their children face as new drivers, while insurance executives help explain important requirements of teen car insurance.

Created in 2006 by a retired police officer, StreetSafe originated and was developed out of Wilmington, North Carolina. Since that time, StreetSafe has expanded throughout the state, conducting monthly sessions with regional instructor groups in the Triad, Triangle, East and Southeast regions of North Carolina. Young drivers in South Carolina and Tennessee and, beginning 2015, Kentucky and Virginia, will also have the opportunity to participate in local StreetSafe sessions. Considered a "Community Solution to a Preventable Community Problem", StreetSafe is offered through the assistance of State Farm Insurance, the North Carolina Governors Highway Safety Program, Independent Insurance Agents of North Carolina and local North Carolina District Attorneys, Law Enforcement, and Fire Departments, all of whom have recognized the benefits that StreetSafe provides for the community. New Hanover County District Attorney Ben David states "Of all the feedback I receive from the community, I consistently hear nothing but praise about this program. Whether it is high school students, college kids or parents, everyone agrees that this is time well spent". StreetSafe students report a positive change in their driving behavior, while parents consistently extoll the benefits of our programs. UNC's Highway Safety Research Center statistics show a significant crash reduction in the counties where StreetSafe operates regular monthly sessions.

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