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BW Watts Construction

My name is Brian Watts the president of B.W. Watts Construction, LLC. I was raised in the midst of a floor a roof truss manufacturing company and was taught from as early on as I can remember that honesty, integrity, and hard work was the way to success. Over the years on my career path I have discovered these traits to be held true in their promise. One day I decided to employ myself and these traits into building structures that I am proud to put my name on. I have been in the construction industry professionally for 10 years and coupled with a childhood overshadowed by a structural component manufacturing business I have an incredible understanding of what it takes to complete projects to a quality level second to none and with an open mind that truly believes that anything is possible I would like to help you on your path to happiness by handling your Residential or Commercial Remodeling or new Construction projects.

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Rolesville, NC 27571

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