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Advantage Autoworks

Advantage Autoworks classic car restoration and late model collision repair is the natural outcome of two brothers Todd and Chris Recker who have a love for cool old cars and the ability to take a new smashed up one and bring it back to life as if nothing ever happened to it.

Advantage Autoworks originated in 1990 in Dallas Texas by Chris Recker who was juggling going to college and working a full time job restoring Mustangs, Corvette's, and Camaros for a few other business owners.

Starting off as a one man show, Chris's first two cars were a 69 SHELBY GT 500 and a 1967 SHELBY GT 500. After completion of these two high profile cars, both went on tour across the country to achieve the highest gold class SHELBY awards to be had. Word was out and after almost a year of working solo, Brother Todd came on board and the rest is History. Over the years Advantage Autoworks has restored many of the popular Classic cars from the 50's through the early 70's and now is seeing cars from the late 70's and early 80's being brought back to life. The shops restoration work has dominated many car shows local and distant as well as being featured in countless magazines and books. Throughout years of restoration work on classics, Advantage Autoworks has also provided an Extremely high level of late model collision repair on just about anything on the road from your average grocery getter to late model Ferraris. Advantage Autoworks has recognized today’s late model foreign and domestic collision repair needs as well as making peoples dreams and visions on classics cars become a reality.

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North Richland Hills, TX 76182

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