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Welcome to 911 Restoration, the most expedient and affordable water damage company in the industry.  We provide our customers with expert water removal and water damage restoration services with the highest degree of professionalism. There's nothing our experienced water damage team can’t fix, and with 35 years of experience and a proven track record of success the choice is clear when you need help with any problem in your home or business.

911 Restoration also provides safe, effective mold removal which is often needed along with water damage restoration. Mold tends to grow when excess moisture is present in hidden, hard-to-reach areas of your home. Many forms of these fungi are toxic and can cause respiratory problems and more serious illnesses if not removed, so call on our water damage experts and we will eradicate every trace of this dangerous intruder.

A fire is easily the scariest emergency you may encounter, and once the flames are out the road to a full recovery can seem daunting. Our fire and smoke damage restoration crew can remove ash, oily soot and acidic smoke from every surface using safe, specialized cleaning materials. We can also employ odor remediation techniques to leave your home smelling fresh and clean before moving on to water damage repair.

Our sewage backup specialists can extract black and gray water with ease in the aftermath of a toilet overflow or messy pipe burst. Don't try to clean up bacteria-ridden sewage water yourself. Instead, depend on our specialists for safe removal, cleanup and restoration and know that your space is completely safe for all inhabitants.

Hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and severe storms can all spell trouble for your property, but with our disaster restoration team on your side you can make a fast recovery. Our water damage specialists will use every technique in our broad arsenal to fully restore your home or business until there is no trace whatsoever of the disaster. Our water damage team cares about providing you with everything you need to restore your home after an emergency, so call on us for compassionate, one-on-one attention.

Water damage is a common occurrence anywhere that rain visits frequently, so our water damage West Palm Beach crew keeps busy year round. If roof leaks turn into floods call 911 Restoration West Palm Beach for same day service on all water extractions and repairs. West Palm Beach, FL is a conglomeration of culture and history, as seen in its sandy beaches, Evergreen-growing parks, and historical neighborhoods. When it was first settled, our town was full of fruit plantations that have since become parks and recreational areas. Flamingo Park started as a pineapple farm and Mango Park needs no clarification. El Cid is a neighborhood full of Mediterranean and mission-style homes. The Old Northwood Historic District was one of the first listed in the National Registry. Living in West Palm Beach sure has its perks, but the problem is that tropical storms are ever present. When those storms attempt to flood historic buildings or even the houses of residents, our water damage West Palm Beach crew is there with water restoration services using the latest drying technology. Call us to learn the top three reasons for floods and how to protect your property against them.

What are the Top Three Reasons for Floods?

Our water damage West Palm Beach professionals say that the top three reasons for floods are rain leaks, plumbing failure, and appliance malfunction. Rain overwhelms your home if too many leaves get into your roof gutters. One of the best ways to keep your house safe during storms is to clean out your drainage downspouts. This insures the precipitation runs off your roof and away from your foundation. 911 Restoration West Palm Beach would be happy to tackle this task for you. Some problems can also come from within, such as a pipe burst, toilet overflow or ruptured hoses. All of these are caused by sewage backup and introduce toxic water into your property. Any sewer issues should only be remedied by our water damage West Palm Beach staff. We are licensed, insured, and bonded with over 35 years of experience in the field to keep us safe while dealing with such a messy situation. The other possibility is a water heater, fire sprinkler, or water line leak. These appliances can cause tremendous destruction in different ways, and if your sump pumps fail, the outcome only gets worse. To avoid health risks and the chance of further disaster, such as mold cultivation, call and ask about 911 Restoration West Palm Beach and how we can help you with any disaster restoration services.

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