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Community Cause

Eradicating Hunger, Homelessness, and Poverty

Poverty and hunger have steadily risen in the southern states over the last few years, and tens of thousands of families from Texas to Florida are facing financial crisis. ProVest Insurance Group is announcing a long term campaign that will stretch from Dallas, Texas to Parkland, Florida, with the goal of providing a helping hand to underprivileged families and children who are struggling daily with food insecurity and homelessness.

Providing a Helping Hand

The ProVest Insurance Group is a proud Regional Ambassador for the #AgentsofChange network, and our goal is to offer meaningful help to families in financial crisis. We will be working in concert with a series of programs and initiatives aimed at ensuring families have access to fresh and nutritious food, that children have the scholastic supplies they need to succeed in school, and that every family has a roof over their head and a bed to sleep in.

We know we can’t do this alone, and we’re counting on your support.

We Need Your Support

The best way for you to be part of this campaign is to help us share our commitment to this cause with others. When you invite a friend, loved one, or co-worker into their nearest ProVest Insurance office, we can provide them with more information on this campaign, and we will throw in a complimentary insurance consultation. Even better, for every person you send our way, we will issue a contribution IN YOUR NAME to a program near you that works to provide food and affordable housing to families in need.

Join the ProVest Team!

This campaign is the perfect way for you to get involved in the fight against hunger and homelessness. Join us, and together we can make a real difference for countless families.


Jay Adkins

ProVest Insurance Group

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