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Providing At-Risk Students With The Joy Of Christmas For The First Time

Thank you for your support! With your help, we were able to raise $750 for students at the Martin Luther King School!

Local students at the Martin Luther King School, an underserved school, are exposed to violence and drugs on a daily basis. They grow up in a neighborhood where these things are believed to be normal and so chances of them becoming part of the cycle and engaging in such activities are significantly higher.


The Make A Miracle Foundation is on a mission to show these students that there are other things out there in the world. They are raising funds to give the students from 2nd-5th grade the opportunity to experience the joy of Christmas for the first time by taking them to the Fort Lauderdale Christmas Pageant on December 1st.

We truly believe that experiences like this one can change a student’s perspective of the world and can inspire them towards higher ambitions and goals, so we are committed to raising funds to help cover the expenses of transportation on December 1st!

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