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ProVest Insurance Group and Roxanna Messa in the News!

ProVest Insurance Group, a privately owned insurance and financial planning provider with offices that serve communities in Florida, Texas, and North Carolina, is announcing a Miami area emergency charity initiative to assist Roxanna Messa, a local woman who has fallen into a coma

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ProVest Insurance Group, a full service agency offering insurance management services and financial consultations to residents throughout Florida, North Carolina, and Texas, is embarking on a charity effort in the Miami region to assist local woman Roxanna Messa, who is currently receiving Neuro Intensive Care.

Earlier this year, Roxanna Messa suffered several powerful hemorrhagic and ischemic strokes. She was admitted into the ICU in critical condition and in a coma, and remained so for several weeks afterwards. After receiving treatment Roxanna is now in a “minimally conscious” state, however she still has a long way to go toward recovery, including both speech and physical therapy to regain her motor skills.

“When tragedy strikes, everyone in our community should be able to rely on their friends and neighbors to come together and offer help, and we’re asking our friends throughout Miami to help us support the Messa family,” says Jay Adkins, founder and chief executive of the ProVest Insurance Group.

Adkins and the ProVest team are wasting no time in gaining local support for the Roxanna Messa charity drive, and have extended invitations to Miami area families, community leaders, and health care professionals to join the event. A full length write up on the goals of the Messa charity initiative is planned for release in an upcoming issue of the ProVest Insurance Group national online news magazine “Our Hometown”: https://provestinsurance.com/magazines/.

Over the last two years, close to a dozen nonprofit foundations, organizations, and causes in and around Miami have received assistance gaining exposure and community support due to the efforts of the ProVest Insurance Group. ProVest Insurance is a proud sponsor of the “Agents of Change” interstate charity support initiative, and the team plans to continue their policy of consistently working with nonprofits in the Miami area.

For those seeking additional information on how to join the ProVest Insurance Group and be part of the Miami area community charity event to assist the Messa family are encouraged to find out more on this page: https://provestinsurance.com/causes/joining-roxys-road-to-recovery/. An up to date roster of the growing number of regional charities that have received assistance from the ProVest Insurance Group is archived on the agency’s Community Causes page: https://provestinsurance.com/community/.

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